Amb. Jean-Paul Carteron, President & Founder of the Institute recently with Mr. Vladimir Poutine, President of the Russian Federation

The IUHEI Crans Montana Institute is celebrating its 22 years of existence in 2021 while the CRANS MONTANA FORUM has just celebrated its 35th anniversary ! We have enjoyed since years these two exceptional meeting points for senior officials of governments and international administrations and key international businesses who use to join us to share their experiences, exchange innovative ideas and seek new knowledge and information which, every day are more difficult to grasp and evaluate.

Our world is definitely changing. 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, is a year that has been stolen from us. This crisis has turned our world upside down and it is only in 2021 and 2022 that the price to be paid will begin to be known ...

Visions and forecasts constantly collide with an ever-changing, unpredictable and elusive reality. Everything will be impacted, our paradigms must evolve, our concepts are outdated and, more than ever, the information society and artificial intelligence will dominate our planet. At all decision-making levels, it is in fact becoming more difficult to shape and effectively implement the policies required for the proper conduct of public and private affairs.

There is therefore an increasing need to be informed in real time, to better understand the changing reality of this elusive world, to share the experiences of other actors and to expand one's own networks of knowledge and influence.

Associated to the United Nations family, the IUHEI Crans Montana Institute offers you, at the highest level, an entirely new way to extend your networks and acquire the knowledge you need as well as new tools for making your decisions.

See you soon !

Ambassador Jean-Paul Carteron
President and Founder